The Virtual Hermit Book Club

(So I wrote this yesterday and while I like the idea of talking about books I’ve read and making recs…it read back to me like a bad book report or a bad amazon book review…so I’m gonna try to edit it down a bit and if I do this again I’ll try to write it a hell of a lot better.)

As previously mentioned in my postapocalyptic genre post…I read a hell of a lot. Not that much to do up here otherwise really, other than watching the few shows I watch, and hunting for streaming stuff on netflix. So I literally read probably 15-20 books a month.

Quick disclaimer: when I say I’ve read a book it could either be in paper, e-book, or audio form. I listen to a lot of audiobooks while driving and doing stuff around the house, and there’s not a lot of bookstores around here so I buy some e-books on the Ipad. So most of my “reads” are audiobooks or e-books, but I’ll just use read interchangeably.

So as someone that spends a pretty hefty amount of time and money in a year on books in various forms, I thought I might talk about and recommend a few that recently have stood out to me or are worth checking out in my opinion. I’m obviously not a book reviewer so we’ll see how this goes, and obviously opinions vary greatly and these are just one man’s.

I’ll start out with one of the books I most recently finished: “The Dog Stars” by Peter Heller: this one dovetails into my postapocalyptic fetish. Basic story is a guy and his dog live at a small airport outside of Denver along with a gun nut survivalist after a superflu has wiped out most of the population. He flys his Cessna around and keeps an eye out for danger in the form of roving bandits and for supplies, one day he hears a radio tower broadcast that’s past his fuel range, and years later he sets out to see if there’s really anyone else out there.

This book was pretty well written for a postapoc, I normally prefer a larger cast of characters in my postapoc books and this one had few, but it was still an entertaining read and I’d recommend it even for a non genre fan…it’s a bit more literary and mainstream than a lot of them are…like “The Road” was.

Another recent book I’ve liked was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, an author I hadn’t read anything by previously but have since gone back and read another of her books. I would guess this one would be termed a Psychological Thriller or something along those lines. As far as the plot goes, can’t give too much away since it’s a thriller but it’s told from the two alternating perspectives, both in some kind of diary form, of a husband and wife.

The catch is that the wife is missing in mysterious circumstances and the husband doesn’t seem to be acting right by everyone’s, including the police’s, accounts..a la Scott Peterson. The chapters alternate between the two perspectives and go backward and forward in the life of the relationship, and there’s some nice twists and turns and this is probably one of the better page turner, stay up all night kinda thrillers I’ve read in awhile.

Alright, since this is taking longer than I thought it would and I’ve already written 500 words, I’m going to mention one more recommendation. I came across this one kinda randomly, I check out the new books on Amazon every week and I believe it was on one of their lists and so I decided to give it a shot: The Prophet by Michael Kortya.

It’s about a pair of brothers in a High School football mad town in the Midwest whose sister was murdered when they were all in high school, and how their paths have diverged since: One is a shady bail bondsman, the other the town’s beloved God fearing football coach.

The killer was eventually caught and died in prison but now, years later, another high school girl is found murdered in similar circumstances, and both the brothers are dragged into it in different ways. It has some nice twists, and actually some pretty well written characters and depictions of life in a football mad small town. It even has some pretty good scenes of football action..apparently the author spent a season hanging out with a high school team while writing it.

Anyhow, I feel like I’ve just written a book report that noone will ever read but hey..maybe someone will and will find a book that wouldn’t otherwise have come across and like it…and maybe I’ll try this again sometime with a bit more structure and brevity.

And of course if anyone would like to leave a rec or two of their own in the comments…feel free.


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