My weekend has already started…and not really in a good way..

So I’m having a fun day of housecleaning because my mom is coming to visit this weekend on Saturday. I actually for the first time in eons have plans tomorrow night: going to a gettogether at a college friend’s house…he lives on the outskirts of Atlanta so I’ll be getting home fairly late tomorrow night and since my dear mom is coming Saturday afternoon, I pretty much have to have the house spotless by tomorrow.

Another disclosure here: I think I mentioned that my idea of first moving up to the mountains was influenced by the fact that my mom had an empty house up here and lived on the left coast at the time. So no, I don’t live with my mom…but she does technically own the house…so when she wants to come visit and get out of’s kinda hard to say no without feeling like an ass.

It also makes me feel compelled to get the house white glove freaking clean too when she’s coming so she assumes that it’s always like that. I’m not a huge slob or anything but my mom is a clean freak so if everything wasn’t totally clean she’d probably start cleaning and make me feel guilty. So yeah, I’m scrubbing toilets, cleaning the kitchen, need to cut the grass tomorrow if it doesn’t rain..just trying to make everything presentable.

Now I love my mom, she’s done a lot for me and hell..I’m living here rent free and just paying utilities, but we tend to get along a lot better in small doses of personal contact and phone calls. I don’t know if I’m just a weird dude..but my mom coming to visit stresses me the fuck out. So yeah, instead of a nice relaxing labor day weekend I’ll being spending quality time with mom.

And yes, that makes me sound like an asshole but is there anyone else that can relate to loving your parents yet enjoying a relaxing weekend of sitting by the river drinking a beverage and relaxing over spending time with them? I do enjoy spending time with my mom…just not on labor day weekend and I prefer to be at her house where I don’t have to stress out about it being clean enough and that kinda shit.

I don’t know. I’m an only child so maybe I’m just a selfish asshole..any thoughts?


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