Another reason to hate Microsoft

So I’m a PC guy, always have been. I own plenty of apple products and like them: ipad2, ipodtouch, and I’m hoping the new iphone is out by september when my upgrade is up b/c I’m sick of my samsung.

But I’ve never owned a Mac. I like the kinda do-it-yourselfishness of a PC. I’ve never built one from the ground up but I’ve replaced 90 percent of the parts in most of my computers at some time or another. I love opening up the case and swapping things out…that sort of thing.

What I don’t love, and the reason that I’ve yet to post anything today and it’s past 3, is Microsoft’s f-ing moronic update system. I’ve been having trouble on this site and a few others lately because I was still using IE8. In fact this site kept strongly suggesting I upgrade to IE9, so I figure, alright..that shouldn’t take too long.

But noooooo, I can’t upgrade to IE9 until I download and install several gigs worth of service packs, updates, and other crap that I’ve been letting slide because I’m too lazy to be bothered with that shit on a regular basis. And I hate the autoupdate because it will slow your download speed and then harass you to restart your computer at inopportune times.

And yes, I’m aware there are other browsers out there. I used to use Firefox but I don’t really care for the look of it and don’t really use a lot of addons. Liked Chrome at first but then it started crashing a lot on me so I went back to the old lover of Internet Explorer. And probably part of my problem is also that I’m still running a PC with Vista…from what I understand Windows 7 is less of a pain in the ass.

But seriously Microsoft, you’ve been doing this how long and you can’t find a more seamless and less of a pain in the ass way to update your flagship product? My favorite is when you spend a half hour downloading 40 updates and then half of them fail to install…and of course the obligatory restarting your computer 5 times just to finally get everything working.

So yes, I’m on IE9 now so at least WordPress isn’t constantly warning me that my browser will soon be out of date and unsupported, and it only took me like six hours to do so…so hooray.

/end rant


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