Quick Rant

Alright, so I halfway mentioned in my last post that I’m going back to school at the ripe old age of 35. We’ve previously dealt with my crappy job and feelings of failure and all that fun stuff…so I’m actually excited to be going back to school..with one caveat.

I’m having to take an English Comp and Lit class right now, despite the fact that I took and passed several of those in my previous college experience 15 years or more ago…and at a pretty good school at that.

That aside, I’m not really ranting about having to take the class because I enjoy Literature and Writing…what I hate is the first few days of those sorts of classes where you have to read intro chapters to your typical Anthology or Intro to Lit book where some person who is writing textbooks because they can’t get their novel published is telling you how you should read…not how TO read..but how you SHOULD read.

Writing is an art, just like music, painting, drawing, and any number of pursuits. Now I can understand that having the knowledge to analyze different types of poetry by structure and genre can be helpful. But it annoys the crap out of me when someone proposes to tell me how to just read.

It’s like telling you to analyze a Monet or Van Gogh based on the number of brushstrokes used per inch of canvas and using that to determine what the particular painting “means”…when paintings, just like writing, “mean” different things to everyone…that’s why they are art.

Anyway, sorry, rant over. I’m sure I’ll be fine with this class once we actually start reading content instead of the compiler’s bullshit. BTW, sorry if any of you have aspirations to write an english textbook…I’m sure yours will be great 😉


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