Just thanks

So, as the title of this blog suggests, I tend to think that I’m being vain by thinking that anyone would give a shit what some random guy like me says or thinks. I just started this thing because I had stuff on my mind and noone to tell it to, and as I said in my first post, I never really figured anyone would ever read it and I pretended I was writing to one imaginary person. And I’m cool with that, because it really is cathartic to be writing again.

But I finally broke down and looked at the stats page a few mins ago and was amazed to see that I had 71 views today. Now I don’t know if that counts the number of times I click on my own damn site..lol..but that’s still more than I figured I’d get in a month or a year. I’m sure most of those views are my friends who were nice enough to check out my new experiment, and I appreciate them greatly for that…but my vanity aside..I just think it’s really cool that someone might find something I write amusing or relateable or even mildly interesting.

So basically, thanks to my friends and to whomever else might have clicked on the page once, read a few lines, and may never even come back. Thanks for the comments as well. I truly do appreciate them and it makes me want to write more, and honestly has started to help me out of a bit of a rut I’ve been in lately.

Anyway, before I get anymore syrupy or full of myself, I’ll just say Cheers and Thanks again.

PS. Thanks to Wilson Mitcham, a friend of mine and an aspiring writer that suggested wordpress when I was thinking about starting blogging and gave me some well needed encouragement. He has a blog of his own that’s much more polished than this thing. Check out the link to his site on my blogroll and give him some love.


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