Another Confession

Well, since I just spent like 800 words professing my love for the machismo and brutality of boxing, I should probably make another embarrassing confession to even things out…part of my point in doing this is trying to be honest and maybe a tiny bit amusing.

So here goes: I’m a bath guy. I’ll take a shower if I have like a date or something, but pretty much every night I enjoy a soak in a nice, hot bath…and even worse…often with bubbles. Now my rationalization for this is that I have an old injury that hurts so I need to soak…and I need to add stuff to the bath because I have dry skin..but truthfully..I just enjoy it.

It relaxes me and I always feel better afterwards.

To make matters worse though, I also use special shaving cream, aftershave, and moisturizer from Kiehl’s. Now it says it’s for men, but yes, I realize that doesn’t really matter and I’m still a pansy. Shit ain’t cheap either.

Now from all of this you would probably think I’m some metrosexual dude with a shaved chest and frosted hair and god knows what else…but I can assure you that I have no desire to ever shave my chest and if I tried it would be akin to trying to shave a bear or something, and despite my other toiletry related splurges, I just use cheap shampoo/conditioner combo stuff, and I get my hair cut at Great Clips.

But I just want to say, if there are other guys out there that aren’t afraid to admit that they like a bath and don’t like shaving with a five year old one bladed razor, Barbasol foam, and using aqua velva…be proud and rise up!!


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