Full Disclosure

Alright, so when I set out to do this thing and as I wrote in my previous manifesto, I was going to be as open and honest with this whole writing thing as I could be. I have a rather embarrassing disclosure to make, and I’m going to come out of the closet on here: I play World of Warcraft and have for probably 3 years or more…wow..can’t believe I admitted that..lol.

If you’re not aware of what WoW is(that’s what us “insiders” call it) you’ve probably lived under a rock for a number of years, but yeah, it’s basically a fantasy sort of video game that you play with other people from all over the freaking place. I have people that I’ve played with for years from Australia, Canada, and everywhere you could think of in the states.

I have never been a big computer game kinda guy but I started playing it at kind of a bad time in my life when I was having major insomnia and it seemed better than watching infomercials all night. The odd thing about it though, is that I’ve never so much as mentioned that I play it to anyone other than some past girlfriends…noone in my family or any of my “Real Life” friends know that I play it.

So now I’m admitting my true nerddom!!

The craziest part about it to me is that in my opinion it’s actually been a good thing in my life. Since I moved up here to the mountains and basically either lost track of many of my friends or they got married and had kids…I’ve been pretty fucking lonely a lot of times. I’ve had girlfriends since I lived up here but never a live in one, and plus we all seem to communicate more by text than anything else these days, that having the people I’ve met through a nerdy online game have actually helped keep me sane as far as having people to talk to, to laugh with, to even cry with on occasion.

Part of the allure of WoW and other MMOs is that they are social games: you group together to do things and you form groups called guilds(yes, I know how nerdy that sounds). There’s a chat aspect to it and you can also talk to people over ventrilo with a mic. There’s been days and nights where I probably would have gone crazy from lack of human contact up here where the friends I’ve made on WoW kept me sane…gave me some basic human contact as crazy as that sounds. There’s people I’ve met on there that would probably invite me to their homes if I ever needed a place to stay in their city…and yet we’ve never met.

So I guess this is part nerd confession and part amazement at how the world is today. Playing WoW is pretty fucking nerdy, but I’m sure there’s plenty of guys/gals that play Halo or Madden or whatever online that could probably relate..though I think WoW and games like it are more social than the Xbox/Playstation ones…I can’t imagine making a friend of some guy whose head I’m trying to blow off with a sniper rifle..

Well, I’ve written far more about this than I really meant to so I’ll just close it out by saying that there actually are hot chicks in WoW, lots of married people, and a lot fewer kids than you would think…so you never know when you might be standing next to a fellow nerd like me 😛


4 thoughts on “Full Disclosure

  1. I will my friend. Out of everyone, you have an idea how much everyone means to me because WoW has saved my sanity as well. You know a bit about how unhappy my regular life is and without all of you, I might not have made it this far. You guys have given me incredible friendship, support and an escape when I have really needed those things. Not sure I can ever explain completely, but I think you understand.

  2. Yay! And you are right, I would invite you over any day because you are my friend, and I have been blessed to have all of yall in my life.

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