So I know in my initial post I mentioned some of my gripes with Facebook…but the more I’m on there it there the more it bothers me. I know I’m far from the first person to reach this conclusion, but lately it just seems to either piss me off or depress me.

The main reason I am doing this blog thing is that I got sick of posting stuff on Facebook and having it so far down the newsfeed in five minutes that noone would ever see it. I got tired of posting links to songs I thought were cool and knowing noone was ever going to actually listen to them. And frankly, seeing how everyone’s life is much more fullfilling and/or exciting than mine was starting to really depress me.

For me, Facebook started out as a way to keep in touch with friends as I’m sure it did for most, but lately between all of the announcements of so and so playing such and such game or liking such and such store, I don’t get shit from the newsfeed. In addition, some of my better friends don’t really get on there much anyhow, so I feel like I’m reading about the same 5 people’s lives every day. And it seems to have become more like twitter than anything else at times…with all the checkins and short updates and such.

I’m guilty of it myself at times, and I by no means mean to denigrate anyone on my Facebook list: I like seeing peoples’ kids and finding out people are getting married. It just makes me feel like a major outsider because none of those things are going on with me. I’m happy that my friends and aquaintances are doing well, but I can’t help but be depressed at my own life in comparison. Remember, I do confess to being self absorbed in the very url of this page..lol.

So anyway, I think it’s time me and Facebook take a break…which will be hard for me since I’m a compulsive clicker even though I don’t even post much on there. But I think I can handle it, so I’m sorry Facebook, it’s not you…it’s me.


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