My video blog

Since I can’t stand hunting and pecking with one arm I have started video blogging on my YouTube channel. I’ve never done anything on camera so it’s a bit raw now and I will admit the first episode has some cussing in it but check it out if you’re bored or want to support the kid. Here’s a link to my second effort


I haven’t posted on here in ages. Of course having to hunt and peck because you only have one hand blows. I need to start trying at least because I’m going through a shitty time and need to vent in an enclave that doesn’t bug people who don’t give a shit like on Facebook. I’m just demoralized because my arm will seemingly never heal and I actually want to get married and have a kid but I think my Peter Pan syndrome has effed me.

I certainly sowed my oats but I think I missed my window to settle down and it makes me sad. I’ve certainly failed in most aspects of life thus far. Anyway. Time to suck it up and deal. I’ve actually got a few ideas to accomplish something with my life besides getting out of the mountains and back into school.


Well. I may have a few years left in me yet. Thanks for any kind thoughts. I’m most likely not immediately dying pending a visit to a dermatologist. Though I do have to have another surgery in addition to the one I still need on my wrist so that’s fun. And I’m still not out of the woods yet. Have to have a biopsy. But. Whatever. Such is my lot in life.

On a more positive note I’m wondering if I’m the only one that feels a bit of schadenfreude when they see an ex that screwed them over in the past and that person now looks like shit. I guess I’m a bad person eh?

My life currently

I haven’t posted on here in freaking ages. Not that I didn’t have anything to say but because I’ve had so much crap going on that I’ve honestly been too lazy to write. I’m stuck in hicksville in a house I can’t sell because it needs a lot of work and most of the contractors around here are dumb, crooked, or both. I stand to realize a decent commission if and when I do sell it. It’s just depressing that I’m putting off school to deal with contractors and the like.

I guess my main reason for posting tonight is that I’ve been freaking out for a bit now but especially after the holidays and their distractions. On my dad’s side of the family, yeah thanks to him again, I  inherited a bad gene that causes the males to be particularly unlucky in that we develop cysts more than the average person. I have dealt with it for years and been embarrassed by it but this time I have one that I’m afraid may have gone rogue. Meaning cancerous.  I’ve shared this with a few people but not many.

So I’ve got an appointment on Wednesday to get it checked out. This isn’t bullshit at all. So if anyone still reads this I’d just ask for prayers, good wishes, or whatever positive thoughts my way while I freak out about this. Thanks and happy new year to all.

Fannin co

Good slate of games on today for a UGA bye week. Actually had some friends over to watch fights last sat night. But most nights are not too exciting.

Can’t wait to sell my place and get my $$ and get out of the backward random roadblock on side roads county.

You can take the person out of fannin but you can’t take the fannin outta the person.


Damn. Looks like some of my haters from GetThePicture, Senator Blutarsky’s essential UGA blog at decided to check out my dormant blog. Sorry to disappoint if y’all were looking for anti-UGA propaganda here. Got too much shitty stuff going on in my life right now to post on here and depress people. Thanks for the free hits though and at least the Senator gets a free plug from my humble site.

Loooong weekend

Man, this last weekend was a long one. I haven’t posted in ages because I’ve been busy as hell getting ready to sell this house. This weekend was the culmination of that. My mom came up and we had to clean the place like crazy bc my maid pulled a no show on me on Thursday. Gotta love fannin co.

Only reasons the weekend wasn’t total hell were the UGA game Saturday night and having friends over on Monday.

Went over to my buddy’s house to watch the game on Saturday and damn was that a good game. I’ve never bought or worn a jersey in my life but I’m very close to ordering a Todd Gurley one. My god he’s good. And the freshman backs looked good too. Nick Chubb may be Gurley 2.0.

Had a couple of good friends over on Monday afternoon. We didn’t end up playing in the river but ate good food and got a nice buzz.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.