Fannin co

Good slate of games on today for a UGA bye week. Actually had some friends over to watch fights last sat night. But most nights are not too exciting.

Can’t wait to sell my place and get my $$ and get out of the backward random roadblock on side roads county.

You can take the person out of fannin but you can’t take the fannin outta the person.

Fuck everyone(mostly)

I haven’t posted on this blog in awhile and I have to say fuck most of you. I’m sure that sounds shitty but how would you feel if you were worried about your actual mortality and your “friends” didn’t give a fuck. But whatever.

My ex that lied and manipulated me for months wishes that I die w/o children might get her wish. So congrats on being a horrible person. I despise you but wouldn’t wish that on you. Enjoy your fuckbuddy and your bf that is more interested in playing Halo online than seeing you in person. Hope you have a great life and if me being dead makes you feel better.

Cya peeps that don’t really give a flying fuck about me. I’m sure I’ll be gone b4 too long. Thanks for my true friends that stuck by me. You’re actually good people. Peace.


Damn. Looks like some of my haters from GetThePicture, Senator Blutarsky’s essential UGA blog at decided to check out my dormant blog. Sorry to disappoint if y’all were looking for anti-UGA propaganda here. Got too much shitty stuff going on in my life right now to post on here and depress people. Thanks for the free hits though and at least the Senator gets a free plug from my humble site.

Loooong weekend

Man, this last weekend was a long one. I haven’t posted in ages because I’ve been busy as hell getting ready to sell this house. This weekend was the culmination of that. My mom came up and we had to clean the place like crazy bc my maid pulled a no show on me on Thursday. Gotta love fannin co.

Only reasons the weekend wasn’t total hell were the UGA game Saturday night and having friends over on Monday.

Went over to my buddy’s house to watch the game on Saturday and damn was that a good game. I’ve never bought or worn a jersey in my life but I’m very close to ordering a Todd Gurley one. My god he’s good. And the freshman backs looked good too. Nick Chubb may be Gurley 2.0.

Had a couple of good friends over on Monday afternoon. We didn’t end up playing in the river but ate good food and got a nice buzz.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.